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Open 7 Days - Monday thru Friday - 10 to 8 -- Saturday - 9 to 8 -- Sunday - 12 to 8

They are Here!
Here's to the Luck of the Irish!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We are all Irish on March 17th!!
Irish whiskey has found a resurgence with consumers discovering the whole world of whiskeys and Scotch. While there are exceptions, an Irish whiskey will lean towards smooth and balanced compared to the smoky peat-infused flavors of Scotch. Irish whiskey must be aged at least three years in wooden casks, which infuse it with classic vanilla and caramel esters. 

Many of the most popular Irish whiskeys are blended, insuring uniform tastes from batch to batch and bottle to bottle. Comparatively, single-malt and single-pot whiskeys have unique notes that change each batch and are often aged for more than the minimum three years. The selection of Irish whiskeys is expanding too, as new distillers are aging their spirits for sale in the coming years.
May you be in heaven for two hours before the devil knows you are dead!
Erin Go Bragh!
Irish whiskey is an ingredient in Irish cream liqueurs. Sweet, with just a touch of heat, and topping out at 40-proof, Irish cream is a treat to add to coffee and can stand alone on the rocks. There is real cream in Irish cream, but the remaining ingredients used to flavor it vary depending on the manufacturer — some use coffee or cocoa. Because of the cream, Irish cream is sold in dark bottles and have fine print recommending that they should be refrigerated after opening. Irish cream is a wonderful addition to a well-stocked bar, adding silkiness and unique flavors to creamy cocktails. Making a White Russian with a splash of Irish cream can change expectations for the ubiquitous cocktail, forever. Call it a White Paddy and make it a St. Patrick’s tradition!
Some of your favorite Roses are back!!

We're not naming names but one has a halo and the other rides a horse!!??!!
Let's have Irish Coffee!